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Canadian Flags in Limestone Classrooms logo. Wordmark and Canadian Flag.

Canadian Flags in Limestone Classrooms (CFLC) is a Limestone Learning Foundation (LLF) initiative to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday. There is no better way to do this than by highlighting our most visible and significant national symbol – the Canadian flag. It is the symbol of our history and pride. It identifies us, unifies us and inspires us.

As part of celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017, the LLF provided a Canadian flag for every classroom and learning centre throughout the school district. Flag brackets and holders were custom-made by technology students at four LDSB schools: Amherstview and Molly Brant Public Schools, and Ernestown and LaSalle Secondary Schools. The initiative was celebrated on February 15, 2017 - Canada’s Flag Day. It was on this day in 1965 when the newly designed red and white, maple leaf Canadian flag was flown. View the assembly highlights on Storify.

The LLF is honoured that Dr. Della Stanley, daughter of George F.G. Stanley, a designer of the Canadian flag, is the project’s Honorary Chair. “Since it was first flown on February 15, 1965, the maple leaf has been especially popular with young Canadians,” says Stanley. “For that reason, I am thrilled to be able to share in this Canadian Flags in Limestone Classrooms project. For a flag to be in every classroom across the Limestone District is a wonderful reminder that our flag is a unifying force, capable of inspiring loyalty, pride and confidence.”

CFLC extends sincere thanks to John Trousdale of Trousdale’s Home Hardware in Sydenham, Kingston Paint and Decorating Store, and branches of the Royal Canadian Legion for their partnership and support. This extraordinary project is central to the mandate of the LLF, and will encourage classroom discussion, inspiring students and teachers to think critically about who we are as Canadians.

Picture of hand drawn Canadian flags in Ms. Brooks' classroom at Fairfield E.S.
Celebrating National Flag Day and Canadian Flags in Limestone Classrooms in Ms. Brooks' classroom at Fairfield Elementary School.

Dr. Della Stanley, daughter of Canadian Flag designer George Stanley, stands at podium and delivers speech to students at Bath Public School.
Dr. Della Stanley sharing her memories of the Canadian Flag being designed.

Student drawings of Canadian flags.
Group picture of dignataries and special guests at Bath Public School for National Flag Day assembly.
Bath Public School hosted district assembly for Canadian Flags in Limestone Classrooms.

Picture of Bath Public School staff and students as well as LLF Board members holding Canadian flags that will be hung in Limestone classrooms. Flags are approximately 2 x 2 feet in diameter.
Bath Public School staff, students and LLF Board members pose with flags for various news media stories.


Classroom Resources     
Time Line       
April 8, 1963 - election results in a minority Liberal government led by Lester B. Pearson
Mar. 23, 1964 - Dr. George F.G.Stanley writes memo to John Matheson, Liberal MP for Leeds and Parliamentary Secretary (not made public until much later)  
May 14, 1964 - PM Pearson shows Press Gallery his idea for a flag with three red maple leaves in the centre and blue bars oneither side; it was later nicknamed “The Pearson Pennent”  
CBC Digital Resources: Digital Archives: search “Flag Ceremonies, Feb. 15, 1965”
May 16, 1964 - PM Pearson announces his plan for a flag to the National Convention of the Royal Canadian Legion in Winnipeg and is booed.
May 25, 1964 - PM Pearson presents his idea for a flag design to the Cabinet
May 26 , 1964 - PM Pearson meets with U of T students on steps of Centre Block on Parliament Hill to view their flag similar to his three maple leaf, red white and blue version
Stanley, Della & Dolhan Laurie: Behind the Design (October 2016)
Aug. 12, 1964 - Flag Debate begins (first debate)
Flag Story Slideshare: Dougan, Elena George Stanley
Sept. 15, 1964 - Flag Committee membership announced
Oct. 22, 1964 - Flag Committee vote favours Stanley design
Archbold, Rick, I Stand For Canada (Toronto, 2002)
Stursberg, Peter, Lester Pearson and the Dream of Unity (Toronto, 1878)
Oct. 29, 1964 - Flag Committee tables results in House of Commons
Trottier, Maxine & Deines, Brian, Our Canadian Flag (Markham, 2004)
Nov. 30, 1964 - Flag Debate over maple leaf version of flag begins
Matheson, John R.,  Canada’s Flag: A Search for a Country (Belleville, 1986)
Trottier, Maxine & Deines, Brian, Our Canadian Flag (Markham, 2004)
Dec. 15, 1964 - Vote taken in House of Commons; flag approved
Owens, Ann-Maureen & Yealland, Jane, Canada’s Maple Leaf: The Story of Our Flag (Toronto, 1999)
Zeman, Ludmila, The First Red Maple Leaf (Toronto, 1997)
Dec. 17, 1964 - Senate approves flag general version
Stanley, G.F.G., The Story of Canada’s Flag (Toronto, 1965)
Dec. 23, 1964 - Cabinet approves the final version re: colour, size, format with 11 points
Dec. 30, 1964 - Government orders 12,000 flags for February launching; some emerge with 13 points and have to be replaced
Boswell, Randy, “A Single Sketch that Created Our Unifying Symbol”, Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 15, 2002.
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Jan. 23, 1965 - Weekend Magazine across Canada features front page picture of flag with 13 points    
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Feb. 15, 1965 - Official ceremony on Parliament Hill to raise new flag   
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Feb. 15, 2000 - Original memo by Dr. Stanley is found at Archives Canada and reported by Randy Boswell in the Ottawa Citizen
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MacAlpine, Ian, "Historian says Brockville's claim as birthplace...", Kingston Whig-Standard, Nov. 19, 2014

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