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How to Apply for Funding
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Schools served by the Limestone District School Board are invited and encouraged to submit an application for Limestone Learning Foundation funding for projects that provide innovative, unique, and exciting enhancements to curriculum requirements - what is already being taught. The Foundation does not fund resources or programs that are normally provided by the Ministry of Education and/or school budgets. It is not the intent of the Foundation to replace traditional funding for education.

All applications are welcome and appreciated. Due to limited funds available for each granting session, however, some projects may not receive funding and others will receive partial funding. In some cases, applicants may be asked to re-submit their application with more complete information. We thank all participants for their interest and effort.

Applications for grants for Foundation-funded projects are accepted twice a year, usually in February and October. Grants for successful applications are awarded bi-annually in April and December.

Criteria for Foundation Support

To qualify for Foundation support, your application must:

  • Enhance educational opportunities for students in the Limestone District School Board
  • Support an initiative in Literacy/Numeracy, Science & Technology, the Arts or Innovative Practices
  • Have a signature indicating review by a LDSB Principal or Superintendent
  • Indicate a specific purpose and a specific period of time
  • Indicate how students will actually be involved in the project and what they will be doing
  • Lend itself to the completing of a Project Summary Report, to be submitted upon completion of the project
  • Lend itself to being publicly promoted and/or showcased by the Limestone Learning Foundation
Grant Review Process

Following receipt of applications, volunteer grant review teams (comprised of educators, administrators, school council representatives, community volunteers, etc.) will thoroughly review each application and make their recommendations to the Foundation Allocations Committee at a Summary Review Meeting.  At this time, each application is discussed and debated from various perspectives and final recommendations are arrived at. These may include:

  • "Recommended at full or partial funding" (these are seen to be the strongest applications);
  • "To be considered at full or partial funding" (these are seen to be good applications, but not quite as strong - if there are sufficient funds available, they may be approved);
  • "Not recommended at this time" (these applications may be weak or incomplete with insufficient information, they may be requesting funds for something LLF does not fund, or they may simply need some "tweaking" for re-submission).
Each application is then reviewed by the appropriate Superintendent to ensure that they are in general agreement with the findings (or to add information of which the review teams might not be aware). The recommendations are presented to the full Foundation Board of Directors which makes the final determination as to which projects will be approved and at what level of funding. Principals and applicants are notified immediately of the outcome of their application and successful schools are invited to send representatives to the Grants Presentation Event.

Schools can submit as many applications as they wish in each period, and there is no limit as to how many projects a school may be funded for over time. We look for the most creative and innovative projects which will effectively enhance the learning experience for students.

It is expected that, upon completion of the project, a Project Summary Report will be submitted to the Foundation indicating how funds were ultimately spent and what the outcomes of the project were.

If you require further assistance, please contact us.

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Deadline for current applications:
5 p.m. Friday, October 19, 2018

Application Form:
LLF_Grant Application_fillable.pdf

Summary Report
LLF Project Summary Report_fillable.pdf

Please forward applications and summary reports to:
Limestone Learning Foundation via email

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