Jane N. Douglas
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From: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 9:44 AM -0400
Subject:Tradtional Foot Bath
The Green Energy Specialist High Skills Major students at Ernestown Secondary School had an opportunity to work with community partners to create, design and manufacture a traditional Nepalese foot-bath, and the TD Bank also sees the value of this project. A small grant of $650 from the TD Bank covered the cost of a piece of specialized lathe equipment as well as the necessary materials to complete this project.

Students designed and created a water-tight wooden vessel. It is essential that there be no preservatives in the waterproofing of the wood, so students had to research the traditional techniques for naturally preserving wood, as well as discovering the cultural significance of the vessel.


Teacher Geoff Petznick putting the finishing touches on the first foot bath that students created in the Green Energy Specialist High Skills Major at Ernestown SS.

The TD Bank donated $30,000 to the Limestone Leraning Foundation to support a number of projects. The Ernestown SS project is just another example of how a small grant can produce a signficant learning experience that benefits students, teachers, and the greater community.

Thank you TD Bank for your ongoing support of the Foundation, educators and students.