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From: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 9:40 AM -0500
Subject:GREC: Above and Beyond the Classroom – Drone Deploy
Students at Granite Ridge Education Centre are getting first-hand experience in geographic information system (GIS) applications as well as an introduction into the emerging field of drone applications for environmental and agriculture conservation and development.
‘Above and Beyond the Classroom’ is a new program, partially supported by the Limestone Learning Foundation, that provides students with an understanding of this new technology, engagement in expanding career connections and very real applications and skills in information gathering and analysis.
In collaboration with the County of Frontenac, students will map missions and collect imagery of area lakes in order to examine water quality and development. The County of Frontenac has provided this program with all of the initial mapping data required to program the drone for its imagery collection.

September 2017 Test flight County of Frontenac GIS Symposium IMG_3059.MOV
September 2017 Return flight County of Frontenac GIS symposium IMG_3060.MOV
Students will also seek other collaborations within their community, for example, mapping missions for farmers to assist in crop assessment, imagery for tourism, and much more.