Posted on 01/05/2022
Image of student reading a bookOrange for the Sunsets - Tina Athaide

I think that having diverse books in classes is good because kids get a new experience. New books also teach you more than old books that you have read a few times. 

I was attracted by the cover of the book because of the writing, colours, and the characters of the book. The people on the cover look the same. But they aren’t the same. The people are from different cultures.

At the beginning of the book, the main characters were fighting but now they are not fighting. I like this book because there are some Indigenous people and I find it interesting. 

I connect to this book because Yesofu got mad at Asha, his friend, and I get mad at my friends all the time. I thought that was pretty interesting and funny. 

I've learned that you should not be mean and you should accept everyone because you can’t have a favourite person. 

How does your book connect to our discussions in class this year on identity, diversity, or systemic racism? 

It connects to systemic racism because the president is kicking Indians out because the president is not nice and thinks that the African people aren’t treated very nice and that is unfair. That is very mean and not nice.