Wellness at GREC

Click here to view video on Zen DenEvery day in schools across the Limestone District School Board educators guide their work using three pillars – Wellness, Innovation and Collaboration. 

The Zen Den provides a space for students and staff to refocus when they are feeling anxious, stressed or just need a spot to relax. It is a serene, calming, inviting environment with resources for our students. It includes yoga mats, drawing supplies, board games, reading materials, and iPads with meditation apps. The natural light, plants, beanbag chairs, rocking chair, cushions, fireplace, natural pictures, battery operated tea lights and soothing music provide the perfect ambiance for reflection and mindfulness. Students are able to access the room at any time throughout the day under the supervision of Student Services staff and find that they can refocus in order to return to class.

The Zen Den at Granite Ridge Education Centre creates a safe environment where students can talk about their entire wellness, not just physical health, but also mental and emotional well-being. Students learn best when they feel healthy in all three aspects.