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The Abrams headline A Classy Country It's a little bit country...a little bit gourmet...and a whole lot of fun! The Limestone Learning Foundation presents 'A Classy Country Evening', Saturday, September 24, 2016, featuring The Abrams with special guests Kyle Dunn and Crystal Ball mentee Taya Full Story...

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$35,000 will be awarded to various school projects during grant presentations The Limestone Learning Foundation (LLF) awarded $35,00 to 12 learning projects at its presentations Thursday, April 7, 2016 at Bayridge Secondary School. LLF projects are special programs that enrich a child’s learning experience, and have a spark of in Full Story...

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Sugar Plum Ball helping students support each other 'Holding On' provides hope and encouragement. This unique project that helps students help each other recently received $2,800 from the Sugar Plum Ball, a wonderful and magical lovely evening out for girls at any age and their Dad (or Grandpa, or Uncle, s Full Story...

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