Three-String Jam at Bath P.S.

Image of students playing Loog guitarsPlaying songs on a traditional guitar can be a daunting task for beginners. That is why most teaching methods focus first on scales and do not get into chords until well advanced into the course. Loog Guitars solve this challenge because they only have three strings and a narrow neck, making it easier for younger children to form chords and to make sense of what they are playing. 

“Playing a musical instrument helps kids benefit in almost every level of their cognitive skills: memory, mental processing speed, 
verbal fluency, creative thinking and focus," states Carol Baetz, a teacher at Bath Public School.

Loog guitars are built by students, and allows them to play songs from day one. These unique three-string guitars use the same first three strings and tuning of a six-string guitar. This is why every
thing learnt on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar. The transition is natural and seamless.

Three-String Jam was originally funded in 2015 by the Estate of Larry Gibson. It continues today introducing junior and intermediate students to instrumental music, as well as, the opportunity to perform within their community. 

In 2017, the Anna and Edward Churchill Foundation funded the program's launch in Kindergarten and primary grades. 

A great example of how LLF funded programs continue to pay it forward, and are sustainable.