Old Time Fiddle Club

Old Time Fiddle Club
Posted on 11/13/2019
The Old Time Fiddle Club connects students with community musicians and arts organizations in order to learn the fundamentals of playing the violin. Students at Central Public School learn how to play as an ensemble while learning the cultural background of North American folk music and the history of music performed.

The club has gotten off to a great start this fall, purchasing new instruments with a grant from the Limestone Learning Foundation. Annie Clifford, a local musician, returns as volunteer Music Director for a second year.

Returning students to the club lead instruction of how to properly hold the fiddle and bow to new participants. Armed with  this knowledge, students were able to jump directly into playing.

The Old Time Fiddle Club extends music education and appreciation through hosting square dances at the school and out in the general community. 

This project is supported through funding received by the Anna & Edward C. Churchill Foundation.