Posted on 01/05/2022
Image of student reading a bookOther Words for Home - Jasmine Warga

I think it is important to have diverse books because we can learn about different cultures and how people are different. We need to see ourselves in the books we read so we feel more included. You might really be connected to the book because it is connected to your culture, accent, size, age and maybe even something else.  

I think it's important that students can learn other countries and cultures because if you just keep reading the same book it would be very boring and not fun. 

What attracted you to your new book and what are you enjoying most about your book?

It really connected to me because I used to live in Syria but I was a baby so I don't remember a lot of stuff. The book had some Arabic words in it so I really liked that and she is a Muslim girl just like me. I liked that she wears a hijab, my mom wears a hijab too so that was really connected to me and my mom.  

I really liked the title of the book and I thought it was