Posted on 01/05/2022
Image of student reading a bookWhen Stars are Scattered - Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

I think it is important to hear different people's stories and how good or bad their lives go. And to learn more about indigenous and black lives and the history behind Canada. 

I really like this book because it’s a graphic novel. It's a very nice book and I love the story. It's about these two brothers who are very sweet and caring. The brothers both look out for each other but they need to learn how to be independent.

In my book there's a motherly figure and she really reminds me of my grandmother. One day she came to visit us but when she was walking down the stairs, she fell and broke her nose. She's been living in our home country healing from the wounds but I still really miss her.

The book is talking about lots of refugee camps and inequality some characters went through. Horrible things having been forced by their parents to marry an older man that they have never met before, just for money. It's also a very sad book and I feel very bad for those two girls.

How does your book connect to our discussions in class this year on identity, diversity, or systemic racism? 
I think the people in the book connect to Identity because they have to think of the future. In the refugee camp most people are in poverty and can barely support their families. Some people wish to be resettled. Sadly there is only a one in 1 million chance they will be .Lots of people have disabilities and lots of people in the refugee camp treat those people with disrespect .The two main characters come from Solomon where there was a war. Luckily the two main characters got resettled eventually but they have to look to the future on what they will do and how they will survive. I think  the people of the refugee camp need a better place to stay. Almost everyone there is in poverty and I hope someday people will change that.