The Cataraqui Comet

Click here to see short video of projectA comet landing at Cataraqui Woods Elementary School? It’s experimental, it’s creative, it’s Art, and it’s science. This immersive, theatre-model puts students right into the performance itself, while at the same time introducing the curriculum in a seriously different way.

This LLF-funded project is an experiential learning opportunity using immersive theatre. Students are learning about science and technology through an arts-based learning model. Students are engaged in all aspects of the production as they discover together what it is all about. This project runs for one week and is facilitated by Single Thread Theatre.

A meteorite landing will be staged in the school courtyard, with actors playing the part of local astronomers. Students explore the installation, participate in the scientific inquiry process, perform experiments and record their findings. Students will not be aware that the actors are in fact actors. For the first day of the project and the meteorite landing, they will feel that this has truly happened.