Books are Back!

Books are Back!
Posted on 10/21/2021
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Students gravitate to new books and new stories - especially if they are windows into perspectives and lived experiences of others. Contemporary stories that stimulate positive discussion and empathy in equity, inclusion, resilience and understanding.

Books are Back will build rich classroom libraries for independent reading. These are not textbooks, but important topical stories featuring high quality, literacy authors’ works at appropriate reading levels not provided by government funding.

The Limestone Learning Foundation is providing all Grade 4 to 6 classrooms, in every elementary school of the Limestone District School Board, with books to further support Indigenous Education, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. These books will give students the opportunity to connect, question and explore.

Twenty-five titles were curated by Erica Wyncoll and Elisabeth Beaulieu, educators, and Program Consultants of the Limestone District School Board. These books range from graphic novels, small chapter books, to full length novels with complex plots and sophisticated themes.

As part of this project, French Immersion classes will receive English books to support English to French Immersion educators’ class libraries. It is the hope of both the LLF and the LDSB that this will support students who are developing a love of reading in both French and English. Support for French books for classroom libraries continues to be a priority and will be made available to French Immersion educators as funding allows.

Books are Back catalogue.

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