Posted on 01/05/2022
Image of student reading a bookInside Out and Back Again - Thanhha Lai

It is important for kids to read diverse books because it teaches them about diversity. For example, Vietnam was having a war and it was reaching a young girls home. Her name is Ha and she was teased for her name. Her name means river but her brothers are teasing her and calling her a horse river or a dirty river.

This book attracted me because there was a war in Vietnam Ha was so brave and not even thinking about it because in the book it never said she was scared. If a war was happening and I was there, I would probably have a swimming pool full of tears.

I have not made any personal connections to my book yet but I think if I keep reading I might have one.

I have learned that in 1975, there was a huge war in Vietnam. the American soldiers and Russia became involved in the war and there was so much chaos. Some soldiers died and more than a thousand Vietnamese people died.

How does your book connect to our discussions in class this year on identity, diversity, or systemic racism? 

Mine kind of relates to identity and racism, but nobody recognized their identity. The Vietnamese people were hiding and getting killed. No one really cared about identity that time. Nobody even realized that there was racism happening there.