Posted on 01/05/2022
Image of student reading a bookDragons in a Bag - Zetta Elliott

I think having diverse books allows us to learn new things from new books. Having diverse books helps us because we can try new books. Most of all diverse books are important because we can learn new morals.

When I went near the shelf and I saw a book called Dragon in a Bag. That's when i got attracted to the book. I like the book because it is an adventure book. Another reason I like the book is because it has a witch in it. But it is a good witch, not a bad one. The last reason I like the book is because there are lots of different problems that they are facing.

I learned three things from this book. They always do the right thing, keep trying no matter what, and most of all help each other.
How does your book connect to our discussions in class this year on identity, diversity, or systemic racism?
My book connects with diversity. For example he has a dad that is in prison and he has not seen or talked to him for months. Another example is that he is a brown person. The last reason that the book I am reading connects diversity is by, his mom left him with a woman who was like her mom since she was born.