Building a strong community

Building a strong community
Posted on 01/22/2021

Canadian non-profit organizations are broadening their horizons to support essential local community needs during exceptional and unprecedented times. The Limestone Learning Foundation is one of those organizations.

The LLF has funded inspiring excellence in “education” for students in the Limestone District School Board for more than 20 years. Its mandate provides funding that is not provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education in the fields of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and the Environment, Visual Arts, Music and Health, Wellness and Technology. To date, over $1.8M has been given to over 645 unique projects such as musical instruments, robotics, drone mapping, 
videography, grow gardens and Indigenous education.
Image of student and the rug she designed based on traditional medicine wheel.

Most recently, the LLF turned its efforts to the importance of student readiness through good nutrition, by donating $100,000 to the Food Sharing Project (FSP). Recognizing the impact of the Pandemic on family income, the Foundation realized there was an immediate role to play in keeping students fed and learning. The FSP provides nutritious snacks and meals both at school and for those learning at home. This essential service fits into the LLF mandate and the Foundation is privileged to contribute.
Building a strong community through giving to educational foundations such as the LLF allows donors to ensure the health and wellness of students.
Individuals can make tax deductible donations to local charities that are near and dear to them.  If the donation of stocks, cash or Life Insurance are made before the end of the year an appropriate tax deductible receipt is provided by the charity for that given year the donation is made. 
If you are in a position to pay income tax , why not give a donation to a local charity, make a difference, and reduce your tax burden. Speak to your Financial Advisor to obtain further advice. 

Building stronger communities through charitable donation truly make a difference.

Susan Creasey, guest contributor
Past Chair, LLF