LLF awards $35,000 to deserving school projects

LLF awards $35,000 to deserving school projects
Posted on 05/01/2019
LLF Board Members and Joshua Siegwart from Central P.S.Student wellness, environmental stewardships, mentorship, STEM, cooperative and experiential learning, bucket drumming and LEGO robotics, these are just a few of the initiatives awarded grants by the Limestone Learning Foundation.

Fifteen projects will share a total of $35, 285 this granting session, with continued and generous support from the Foundation’s long-standing funding partners – the Estate of Larry Gibson, Empire Life, and Enbridge Gas (formerly Union Gas). 

Through donations, event attendance and sponsorship, volunteer work and mentorship, the Limestone Learning Foundation has been able to support extraordinary learning projects. The LLF Board of Directors deeply appreciates the continued support of individuals and associations for their heart-felt belief in excellence in education.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

Module Vanier - This year's recipient of the Larry Gibson Estate Music Fund. From pails to percussion: exploring missing voices project will provide opportunities for students to engage in  learning that reflects the Board's commitment to innovation, wellness and collaboration, as well as support a 'music for all' environment as Vanier transitions into the new Grade 7 - 12 Kingston Secondary School. 

The percussion ensemble will serve as both a tool and a lens for students to have knowledge and appreciation of the music around the world, as well as a specific focus on contemporary and traditional First Nations, Métis and Inuit traditions, cultures ad perspectives.

The bucket drumming program receives $8,324 from the Larry Gibson Estate. 

Central P.S. - The Old Time Fiddle Club will connect students with community musicians and a neighbourhood arts organization in order to learn the fundamentals of playing the violin. Students will learn how to play as an ensemble while learning the cultural background of North American folk music and the history of music performed. The program will continue to support music education and appreciation through square dances at the school and out in the community at special events like the Skeleton Park Arts Festival. 

The project receives $3.254.

Centreville P.S. - Groove and Move” will expand students’ musical learning, while inviting family participation in events, FamJams, and supporting interactive family learning with an array of audio-visual resources that will allow families to integrate creative musical play at home. The LLF grant of $2,107 will be used for resources, specifically the take-home tools that will introduce innovative approaches to music education, including a range of culture, genre, tonality, meter and mood.

Enterprise P.S. - Enterprise Public School will build their own school garden in partnership with Loving Spoonful’s GROW program. 

Students will learn about food systems, food security, food culture, cooking and of course, growing and cultivating their own garden. In addition, local artist Nancy Douglas will lead a 2-day mural project with students to form and express their ideas around community and food security. 

Enterprise P.S. receives 2,260 to support this initiative.

Frontenac S.S. - Frontenac’s Global Classroom receives a grant of $919 to help fund a collaborative space that connects students to the community. 

Students in the Business Leadership class will be building connections with elementary students, seniors, area businesses and alumni throughout the world through their global and virtual classroom. Through a video conference system, students will offer elementary student tutorial sessions; design science experiments & connecting with area elementary students to compare results, and connect with experts and their community to discuss experiences and build relationships. 

Glenburnie P.S. - The “I am a Maker!” project receives $3,502 in funding to create a formal makerspace for students where they will be able to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering. Students will have access throughout their day to engage in the Makerspace, as well as, “I am a Maker” school-wide challenges and family maker evenings. 

Granite Ridge Education Centre - Students in Northern Ridge Media will explore and learn new technology, gaining a deeper understanding of digital literacy while producing high quality promotional videos for community agencies and the school. Empire Life is providing a grant of $2,503 for this initiative.

This program is an offshoot of the school’s drone project ‘Above and Beyond’, which the Foundation helped to launch. The introduction of Northern Ridge Media will allow secondary students to mentor elementary students in the art of storytelling. 

École J.R. Henderson P.S.- Enbridge Gas (formerly Union Gas) is providing a grant of $1,000 from the Helping Hands in Action fund for the school to purchase of a Sparks Fly ‘brain’ Bike. 

These bikes provide students with an immediate opportunity to take a body break throughout the day, allowing students to self-regulate and thereby helping them to refocus on their learning. 

Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute - Let's Talk & Move connects to multiple disciplines including the Arts, literacy, health and physical education as well as social studies. Students gather to talk about mental health, develop strategies for wellness, and encourage open conversation in order to support student achievement. 

The LLF grant of $2,418 will be used to purchase a variety of items that support the movement portion of this student initiative, for example yoga mats, balance cushions, to name a few.

Let's Talk & Move enhances what is happening within the classroom and takes it to the next level, with open conversation and movement ideas that are student-driven, encouraging students from all backgrounds, academic pathways and grades to attend and participate.

Lake Effect Robotics FRC Team 2708 - Project Lake Effect F.L.L.E.R.Y. (FIRST Lego Lake Effect Robotics Youth) is an initiative to expand FIRST Lego League and STEM opportunities to elementary students in Grades 4 - 6. 

A grant of $4,242 will support secondary student members of the Lake Effect Robotics team to mentor students at Centennial, Polson Park, J.R. Henderson, Rideau and Welborne Avenue Public Schools. 

Through this program, students will learn programming, building, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while also learning how to collaborate and community with others through working in teams. Students will then test their knowledge at the Limestone Skills Competition next year.

LaSalle S.S. - Students from LaSalle will be going on a service trip to the Dominican Republic and teaching Dominican children English through Rotary Kingston. Students will be responsible for developing and preparing lessons at the Literacy Centre and Literacy Camp as part of their outreach through Rotary. A grant of $340 will allow students to purchase materials to make LLF literacy bags.

Loyalist Collegiate & Vocational Institute
The LCVI Coffee Cart receives a grant of $1,881. 

The LCVI Coffee Cart has been operating since September 2018 and offers a delicious hot beverage selection to staff on a daily basis. The coffee cart has been well received at LCVI and offers School to Community students the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial and communication skills.

Odessa P.S. - A small grant of $502 will enable students to design and build a set of xylophones. The project will combine technology and music learning, focused around the design, construction and performance of the instruments. The class will create 12 one-octave xylophones out of wood, with mentorship by the music students from adjacent Ernestown Secondary School. 

École Polson Park P.S. -  Incubator Inquiries is a hands-on learning series that introduces our natural world to Kindergarten students. Students are completely responsible for monitoring the incubator and eggs – building a home, providing water and food to the chickens, ducks or quail, and readying them to return to the farm to live. A number of community experts will also visit the students to share their knowledge about animals and proper care of them.

Students will document this learning journey using a variety of communication tools, and post to social media feeds.

A small grant of $490 is all that is required to construct and maintain the incubator. 

École Polson Park P.S. - Students will be trekking to many outdoor sites using Kingston Transit to engage in a variety of activities, including pond study, tree and plant identification, watershed management, and visual arts, to name a few. This LLF grant of $1,542 will provide travelling resource kits for student investigation.