LLF presents Elly Gotz

LLF presents Elly Gotz
Elly Gotz

The LLF is pleased to be presenting, Learning From the Past to Counter Hate, a significant educational event for secondary students in support of the Limestone District School Board's commitment to Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism.

Teachers and their high school students (Grades 9 through 12) will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual talk with Elly Gotz relating the past to the present.

The live virtual presentation with Elly Gotz will take place on April 21, 2021.

Elly will speak about his experiences during the Holocaust and after liberation from the Dachau concentration camp. He will discuss lessons learned about hate and racial prejudice.

Elly will also share his lived experience since then, addressing today's rise in antisemitism and the need to be vigilant in countering prejudice and hate in our communities. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A with students.

LLF presents Elly Gotz - Learning From the Past to Counter Hate

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