Books are Back! Phase III

Books are Back: Phase III

Books are Back! Phase 3 titles

In the third year of our "Books are Back!" initiative, we are thrilled to bring another phase of enhancing classroom libraries across the Limestone District School Board (LDSB). Building on the success of the previous phase, Phase III continues our commitment to cultivating the love of reading while offering diverse, inclusive, and contemporary stories to intermediate students.

Books are Back! Phase III will deliver a variety of new books representing the voices of Indigenous, 2SLGTBQIA+, persons with disabilities, Black, and racialized authors to students in Grades 7 - 8, in both English and French classes across the Limestone District School Board. The intermediate grades can be filled with times of uncertainty and self-discovery, and are a crucial phase when students are starting to figure out who they are and who they want to be in the world. We hope that these texts will help support that journey.

Diverse Perspectives & Lived Experiences

Students always gravitate to fresh narratives, especially when they are windows into perspectives and lived experiences of others. These contemporary books stimulate positive discussion and empathy in equity, inclusion, resilience, and understanding.


Proudly Presented Selections

"Books are Back: Phase III" is proud to present a collection of books for LDSB intermediate classrooms, representing the voices of Indigenous, 2SLGTBQ+, persons with disabilities, Black, and racialized authors, available in both English and French, that could not otherwise be offered through regular government funding. Creating spaces where every student sees themselves in the narratives they read.


Language Inclusion

Supporting bilingualism, French immersion students benefit from a special mix of French and English titles. Learn more about our selections by exploring the English Catalogue & French Catalogue.

The Power of Classroom Libraries

Teachers and educators recognize the significance of a well-curated classroom library. These selections are more than just books; they're powerful narratives that delve into important themes and foster understanding. Through the "Books are Back" initiative, the Limestone Learning Foundation proudly contributes to enriching classroom collections, elevating students' literary experiences.

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The Limestone Learning Foundation’s Books are Back program builds rich classroo
m libraries for independent reading. These are not textbooks, but important topical stories featuring high-quality, literacy authors’ works at appropriate reading levels not provided by regular government funding.

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